About the 2020 Conference

The 12th International Conference on Wood Adhesives is tentatively scheduled for late September of 2020 in Portland, Oregon. This is one year earlier than originally planned, based on the strong interest and activity in bio-based adhesives.

The International Conference on Wood Adhesives is the premier technical conference on advances in adhesion of wood and biomass. Industry representatives were the majority of the 241 attendees in 2017, evenly split between the US and the rest of the world.

Whether you are an adhesive supplier or user or user of the downstream product; from industry, academia, government, or NGO, this conference provides a unique opportunity. Don’t wait another 3-4 years.

If your business depends on having solid technical knowledge about glued wood products, this meeting is for you. We recruit the best technical thinking in the field of wood adhesives so you get the most value for your time invested and will have access to the proceedings.

Announcements will be made here and on the Linkedin group “International Conference on Wood Adhesives” as information becomes available. Abstracts will be due in early 2020. If you have an idea for making the conference even better, please contact the Organizing Committee:

Organizing Committee

Dr. Chris Hunt, Chair

Research Chemist

U.S. Forest Service

Forest Products Laboratory

Madison, WI USA


Dr. Warren Grigsby

Senior Scientist and Research Leader


Rotorua, New Zealand


Dr. Johannes Konnerth

Associate Professor

University of Natural Resources & Life Sciences

Vienna, Austria


Dr. Erik van Herwijnen

Team Leader Advanced Bonding

Wood K plus

Linz, Austria


Dr. Ning Yan


University of Toronto

Faculty of Forestry

Toronto, Ontario Canada


Joseph Jakes

USDA Forest Products Laboratory  |  Madison, WI  |  joseph.e.jakes@usda.gov