Held once every four years, the International Conference on Wood Adhesives is the premier technical conference on advances in adhesion of wood and biomass. Since 1980, the conference has attracted an international audience including businesses that make and use adhesives, their suppliers, and researchers and students. Your sponsorship will support this long-lived and importance conference, unique in its audience and content.

Whether you are an adhesive supplier or user or user of the downstream product; from industry, academia, government, or NGO, this conference provides a unique opportunity. Don’t wait another 4 years. 

If your business depends on having solid technical knowledge about glued wood products, this meeting is for you. We recruit the best technical thinking in the field of wood adhesives so you get the most value for your time invested and will have access to the proceedings.

Program Technical Content

Proceedings from Previous Conference

The Wood Adhesives Conference is held every 4-5 years and truly brings research together with practical knowledge. Along with putting emphasis on international transfer of information, we want to expand the emphasis on the impact of energy on bonded wood products and the needs for more effective use of wood resources. Energy conservation and efficient use of wood resources whether in the final building performance, construction of the building, or production of bonded wood products plays an increasing role. This has led to a continuing need for research and implementation of new adhesives and bonded wood products. The conference is an important forum for interchange of knowledge and ideas for both the adhesive and the bonded wood products community.