Bill Arendt, Arendt Consulting William (Bill) D. Arendt is currently the President and Technical Director of Arendt Consulting, Inc.. Arendt Consulting was established in January of 2018. Prior to Arendt Consulting Bill worked with Emerald Kalama Chemical, Genovique, Velsicol Chemical and others. His primary focus at these companies was new plasticizer design and development, technical service and support to sales, business development and marketing. Bill started as a bench chemist and gained numerous promotions to Director of Research at Velsicol Chemical. At his last job he was a Senior Research Fellow. He developed expertise in adhesives, sealants, caulks, PVC, polyurethanes, alkyds, unsaturated polyesters, epoxy, coatings and other applications. Bill has 24 US patents, numerous International patents, has made hundreds of presentations and has had thousands of customer meetings. At ASC Bill has taught at the Waterborne, Additives and Hot Melt Short courses. He also worked on the Formulating Core presentation and has been active in ASC technical committee. He is an Honored Fellow of the SPE, and member of ASTM C24 and D01.