Head, Adhesives Group
USDA Forest service, Forest Products Laboratory

Dr. Frihart is engaged with building bridges between applied and fundamental research, industry and academics, nano-scale processes and macro-scale properties, chemical structures and polymer properties between the United States and foreign researchers. His main area of interest is in adhesives, but the interaction of chemicals with wood has important value from his perspective.The 25 years of professional experience that he brings from working in industry on the development of new processes and products has led to a strong belief in team efforts and the fundamentals that serve as the basis for problem solving within the commercial products arena.His involvement in the following FPL research teams includes:

  • Working with University of Wisconsin professors and the use of advanced nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy and nanoindentation to better under wood adhesion fundamentals.
  • Working with outside companies which has led to new technology for soybean-based adhesives that are being used commercially.
  • Assisting the Department of Defense on improving binders for primers used in small caliber ammunition.